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Stylish Country Concert and Western Event Fashion Trends

Written by Jason Swilley

With top acts such as Miranda Lambert, Florida Georgia Line, Jason Aldean, and Luke Bryan all touring around the United States, there's no better time to cast a critical eye over your wardrobe and decide whether you've got the right outfits for these shows. With these on-trend apparel items and accessories, you can feel confident that you'll look great at any of your favorite  country concerts and western events.

The Best Styles for Country and Western Shows

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Men have a couple of great top options for country and western shows. A plain T-shirt has a casual cool appeal that is always trendy. Guys such as Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, and Luke Bryan show just how effective a white, black, or navy tee can look, especially during summer. Keep it fitted to flatter your body.

For a more dressed-up look, a button-down collared shirt never goes out of style. Plaid is an obvious choice, but plain-colored shirts can also work well. Make it cotton during summer and a thicker flannel for warmth during the winter months. Some people are wary of denim shirts, especially worn with jeans. However, if you choose a denim in a different hue from that used in your jeans, you'll avoid looking too matchy-matchy. Choose short-sleeved shirts while the weather is warm and long-sleeved versions as winter approaches.
Women also have plenty of choices. Anything that's cute will work well, although eyelet tank tops, layered tanks, and classic ribbed tanks are particularly stylish right now. A peasant top is also a smart option: It's light and loose-fitting enough to let you move around at the show but still feminine and fashionable. Although a simple white peasant top will never date, you can choose an ornately embroidered one for a bit more flair.

Plaid button-down shirts work well for women, too, because they give off a casual country vibe and are especially comfortable. Choosing a form-fitting shirt will flatter the figure and make the wearer look a little more stylish. As a girly alternative, you could also choose a button-down shirt with a floral print. Flowery prints look cute against the classic masculine seaming and construction of a button-through shirt. These styles of western shirts are often made from comfortable soft fabrics, which are ideal for warm-weather shows and a great look.

After a few fashion do's, you should also remember a fashion don't. Do not wear the T-shirt of the artist you're seeing. Rather than making a strong fashion statement, it'll actually come across a little desperate. Whether it's a T-shirt you've bought or a homemade design, leave it at home. Everyone knows you're a fan simply because you're attending the concert. You don't need to wear the shirt to prove it.

All About the Denim

You'll rarely see anyone in a country music crowd who isn't wearing denim bottoms. Denim jeans, skirts, and shorts are comfortable, casual, and easy to pair with any type of top and cowboy boots that takes your fancy. Dark denim looks dressed up, while light blue options suit casual daytime shows.

Classic jeans never go out of style, so make sure you've got a great pair for your next country music concert. Boot lovers of either gender should consider choosing boot-cut jeans, which are made to fit nicely over cowboy boots without unsightly bunching. You'll usually find boot-cut jeans in classic and slim fit cuts and multiple washes. Alternatively, you could choose a rolled-up style to show off your footwear or tuck a pair of skinny jeans inside your cowgirl boots.

Most men can't pull off white denim jeans, but they often look cute on female concertgoers. While men look best in plain jeans,women can also feel free to choose more playful jeans with extra strong quality stitching, decorated back pockets, sparkles through the denim, or rhinestones.

If the weather is warm, women can also get away with jean shorts or a denim skirt to help beat the heat. If you're looking to wear something cooler, try a dress, skirt or even distressed jean shorts, as seen on the likes of Carrie Underwood which are also stylish and trendy.
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Dresses Are Always an Alternative

For women who prefer dresses, there are also excellent options for summer concerts. The most on-trend dresses are flowing and floaty; think cute summer sundresses or maxi dresses. Dresses patterned with embroidery, eyelets, lace, ruffles, or floral prints are also in line with current trends. However, your dress shouldn't be too fussy. Look for dresses with just one type of embellishment to get the balance right. And remember that a country music show isn't the time for a little black dress; more playful colors such as yellow or blue are much more popular.

On-Trend Cowboy Hats

Hats have long been a part of country music culture, however, a wide-brimmed cowboy hat is much more than a fashion statement at outdoor shows held during the summer months: It's also an important way to protect you from the sun's ultraviolet rays. Many concert venues actually sell cheap cowboy hats, but you'll get a better fit if you buy from a retailer specializing in country apparel. Think of it as a quality investment in your country music–loving life!

Choose a hat that feels tight on your head. Hats expand with heat, so yours will loosen up when you're sweating on a warm day. A tight hat will stay on your head even when you're moving to the music. If you're new to wearing a cowboy hat, don't commit a cardinal sin by wearing it the wrong way around. Look for a little bow inside your hat's sweatband; this is always positioned at the back of your hat. When it comes to choosing the right color, you can't go wrong with a light brown hat.

Cowboy Boots for Comfort and Style

A stylish pair of cowboy and cowgirl boots will suit any country and western concert outfit. Cowboy boots of various heights are all in style, so whether you choose tall traditional cowboy boots or shorter boots, you'll look amazing and walk with style.

A high-quality leather pair will be the most comfortable and, if treated well, will provide decades of wear. They will take a little time to break them in, though, so try to buy your pair of leather boots well before your concert and wear them to work and social occasions to soften them up.

Men should look for pull-on cowboy boots in light or dark brown with round and square toe shapes to create that latest trendy country music look like all the stars and fans. Female country devotees can feel free to choose more playful styles in bright jewel colors, tooled details, or fringing. No matter your gender, choosing boots with pointed toes, rather than squared or rounded is also a great option as well, since they can offer a classic look, that’s always on point.
Women who like a taller boot can opt for a wedge-style boot, which will add inches while at the same time offering a little more support. If you're planning on dancing or you have a general admission tickets near the stage, perhaps consider choosing a more flat-soled boot rather than one with a high heel.
Other Accessories for Country Shows
No matter whether you're wearing a denim skirt, shorts, or traditional jeans, a great belt will set it off beautifully for both women and men. Leather belts are the best choice, because they never go out of style. Thin belts are subtler, but a wide belt can also work. Whichever you choose, don't forget to jazz it up with a belt buckle. When it comes to the country music scene, the bigger the belt buckle, the better. Concert venues can often get warm with all those bodies, so depending on the weather it may be a good idea to bring a jacket that you can wear when you're heading to your car after the show. Men's fashion never changes as quickly, so they can feel confident reaching for a classic jean or waxed cotton jacket. Similar jackets with feminine cuts look just as good on female concertgoers. For ladies, fringed jackets are also always trendy.

Men can probably store all they need in their pockets, but women will likely want a handbag. However, a large tote or shoulder bag will weigh you down. Instead, look for smaller, cross-body styles you can dance with. Your bag should complement your outfit rather than competing with it, so choose a simple purse in a neutral color such as brown or black. A style with a little bit of fringing can add some extra pizzazz without overwhelming your look.

If your concert is outdoors, a pair of sunglasses is stylish and sun-smart. Aviator sunglasses look good on men's and women's faces of all shapes, so they're an easy choice. They also complement the casual atmosphere of a country and western show perfectly.

When dressing for your next country and western concert, remember the following:
  • Think of comfort first. boots, hat, small purse, dresses, skirts, shorts and soft denims will give you the freedom to look great and dance all night.
  • The classics are always trendy. Jeans, plaid shirts, and leather belts are staples of country fashion with any pair of cowboy boots.
  • Remember to accessorize. The right accessories can turn a country-inspired outfit from ordinary to out of this world and original.
There you have it, simply follow some of these tips and you will officially be prepared to turn heads when you wear these on-trend items to your next country and western show while feeling great and looking sharper than ever, with these latest and greatest country fashion styles.

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Miranda Lambert Announces Her Engagement on Instagram

Per Miranda Lambert's personal Instagram page, she is now happily engaged to the most adorable suitor on the planet. The only problem is that her boyfriend, Anderson East, never saw this proposal coming. Apparently, the singer also had another cutie pie named Sebastian interested in her, and he made his intentions perfectly clear by dropping down on one knee to propose.

"I said YES!" she captioned with the post. "But he has to wait 25 years."

It does not get much sweeter than a gentleman who not only knows how to propose with class but is also willing to wait a couple of decades to make it official. It looks like Miranda found herself a rare breed. Little Sebastian is sure to give Anderson a run for his money!

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August 6th Birthdays 2016

We aren't aware of any country birthdays today. But if you know an artist that needs a birthday wish, please don't hesitate to let us know in the comment box below!

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August 5th Birthdays 2016

Terri Clark, born in 1968, is celebrating her 48th birthday today.

Happy birthday, Terri!!

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August 4th Birthdays 2016

We aren't aware of any country birthdays today. But if you know an artist that needs a birthday wish please don't hesitate to let us know in the comment box below!

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August 3rd Birthdays 2016

Dean Sams, a Lonestar band member, celebrates his 50th birthday today.

Whitney Duncan, born in 1985, celebrates her 31st birthday today.

Happy birthday to the both of you!

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August 1st Birthdays 2016

We aren't aware of any country birthdays today. But if you know an artist that needs a birthday wish, please don't hesitate to let us know in the comment box below!

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