Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Story Behind Zac Brown Band's "Highway 20 Ride"

The Zac Brown Band has a way with a song, including those tear jerker songs that can bring a grown man to tears like "Highway 20 Ride" does. This one in particular is easy for him to sing so passionately because it is personal for both Zac Brown and his co-writer, Wyatt Durrette.

Durrette, who also helped the band write their first three No. 1 hits, brought the start of "Highway 20 Ride" to Zac Brown. It is Durrette's personal story of a trip he had to make to see his own son after he got a divorce. Brown, having been the son of divorced parents, related to the story and was able to help finish the song from an equally sincere point of view.

"'Highway 20 Ride' is a song I started writing when I was probably a year into making the drive from Atlanta to Augusta, Georgia [to see my son]. I had gone through a divorce. She moved back to where she was from in South Carolina, and the halfway point was Augusta. I was bartending and took every other weekend off to spend time with him. It was a very painful time in my life, not having enough time together and having to bring him back. I worried about how he will perceive me as a father. Am I doing the right thing? I was going through all the things everybody goes through in that situation."

So after taking the song to Brown and realizing he understood the situation quite well, the two of them were able to put together the heart-wrenching tune with a bit of ease. Now, Durrette has a song that he calls a love song for his child. It is a song to let him know that no matter what comes his way, both parents are there for him.


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Monday, March 2, 2015

The Story Behind Florida Georgia Line's "Dirt"

Florida Georgia Line is not exactly well known for their ballads, but they can sing them too. Quite well, in fact. "Dirt" is proof of that. Though the duo did not write the song, they deliver it with such sincere honesty that listeners fall in love relating to the sentiments held in the lyrics.

Songwriters Rodney Clawson and Chris Tompkins recall what inspired the song. Perhaps the song is so relatable because the inspiration for the lyrics came from heartfelt experience. Thompkins wrote mostly about his home town of Muscle Shoals, AL.

"My hometown is pretty much an oak tree, a volunteer fire department and a high school football team. Oh, and a funeral home," says Tompkins.

So the two of them sat down to write the song. After they got going on it, Clawson realized that commitment should be a strong part of the song, especially since so many songs were already on the radio glorifying summer flings.

Clawson threw out the line about a 10 percent down, white picket-fence house and they knew that the song was special. They knew that a song describing a girl and raising a family on a piece of sacred land was the epitome of the original American dream.

But after describing such a profound life, they knew that it all would eventually end, bringing it full circle by describing the way a person comes from such dirt yet returns to it someday.

"We kind of fought in our minds not to put that in there," Clawson explains. "We thought that was the obvious, Biblical thing to kind of throw in there, and then by the time we got to the end of the song, the way it was written, it just seemed like it had to be there. . ."

The songwriter also explains that growing up in a rural area brings a double meaning to returning to that soil. He says that it always seems to keep calling you back there.

However, whether or not a person is from a rural farming community, one can still relate strongly to the dream of owning a piece of land and raising a family. This song will surely be around for years to come.


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Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Story Behind Trace Adkins "Them Lips (On Mine)"

Songwriters Jim Beavers and Tom Shapiro wrote a fun-loving tune that is catchy enough to make a person want to dance. It is even better when the right singer gets a hold of it, and Trace Adkins definitely knows how to appeal to a woman. To put it simply, it is hard for any woman to ignore a sexy voice like that pleading for her lips to be planted firmly on his.

Jim Beavers recalls the day they wrote the song and the day the song was chosen to be cut, too.

When the two writers got together to write the song, Shapiro already had the drum track mostly figured out.

"So, in an unusual method for country, we started with the music first. We were just grooving around, throwing stuff out, when Tom started kind of chanting 'them lips. . .right here.' We didn't know what it was, but the way it laid in the track was really catchy."

The pair realized they had something really different when they began taking the song in an unexpected angle, singing about everything else the girl does with her lips other than kiss the guy. Still, they were surprised at how fast the song was snatched up by an artist after the initial demo was made.

"The crazy thing about this song is how quickly it was cut and singled after we demoed it," says Beaver. "Tom sent me the final demo on a Thursday, and I was in the studio with Trace the following Monday singing the scratch vocal. Tom and I have been doing this a while and neither one of us had ever had anything move that fast. It was a dream, really."

Plus, it does not hurt one bit that Trace Adkins fans love the dreamy sensuality of the song as well as the fun groove it has going on.


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Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Story Behind Josh Thompson's "Way Out Here"

One of Josh Thompson's biggest hits from early in his career is "Way Out Here" and he helped to write it, along with David Lee Murphy and Casey Beathard. The singer even recalls the very day they wrote the tune.

According to Thompson, the song was composed at the home of David Lee Murphy, located out in the country instead of in the mist of a city neighborhood.

"I think I said something like, 'How do you like it way out here?' It was just one of those things where the song and the title came from just more of a conversation. When I said that, it was one of those things where we all kind of looked at each other and we were like, 'We should write that.'"

Josh Thompson goes on to say that the song practically wrote itself. Once they got past the first few lines, they just kept going. And they all knew right away that they had something special.

In fact, it is still something special. Josh Thompson fans everywhere continue to enjoy that song, especially when he is live on stage.


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February 26th Birthdays 2015

Johnny Cash (2/26/1932 - 9/12/2003) lived to be 71-years-old, but he would be celebrating his 83rd birthday today if he were living.