Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kansas City Country Princess Speaks Against School Bullying and Discusses Career

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As I’m sure I have mentioned before, I’m a sucker for the young talent following a dream.  At just 17, Josey Milner definitely fits the bill.  But Kansas City’s Country Princess not only has the talent for the job, she’s got the heart for the job as well.  After all, we often hear about all of the charity work and good deed projects that country singers are involved in.  It is part of that down home country persona, but that does not make it any less sincere.  For her part, Josey is embarking on a school to school campaign against bullying, something she would sincerely like to see become a non issue in her own school and in others as well.  She says, "I am a junior in high school. It drives me crazy; I see it every day."

Of course, Josey’s music also speaks for itself.  She not only has a voice to stand up for others, but also a voice that also expresses herself through music.  In fact, her "Am I Not Pretty Enough" single coincides with her anti-bullying campaign. Take a listen to her and then read what this sweet young lady had to say when I recently spoke with her about her career.

1.  Considering your age,  what is it like to be receiving radio air play on an international level?

It’s pretty awesome. Not very many 17-year-olds get to say that, get to say that they do radio interviews and go out with a band. Crazy, but awesome, I guess you can say.

2.  How did you become known as Kansas City's Country Princess?

Um, that was just kind of a name people just started giving me just because I am so young and I love country music. It just kind of stuck. They are like, “Are you that one girl, the Kansas City Country Princess?” It’s kind of cool because I get to call myself that.

3.  Who or what inspires you, both personally and professionally?

I’d probably say personally it would be just the experiences I have had…I had a show and a little girl asked me for an autograph, and whenever she got it, she just started crying and said, “I love this so much.”  So, to be a good role model, that inspires me.  Professionally, any artist that has never given up and reached their goals.  Miranda Lambert is one of my biggest inspirations. I love her songs and she is a real person that does not try to hide behind the camera.

4.  Do you write any of your own music?

I don’t, but I am in the process of collaborating with someone to write my own music. I have some originals that people have sent me that I sing on stage.

5.  How would you describe your style and sound?

My style, it’s be kind of a rockish country, traditional country mix altogether in one. On stage I do some classic rock, classic country, a little of everything. I have been compared to Pat Benatar, Patsy Cline, Miranda Lambert, and Loren Alaina.

6. How do people at school feel about your music?

People at school didn’t understand for awhile what I was doing. This year, people are starting to realize how serious I am about it so I am now called “famous girl” at school.

7.  What can fans expect from you in the future?

As of right now, I am in the studio working on my album. Just went in yesterday to put vocals in for the new single coming  out. And ,hopefully, by beginning of Dec.  I will go out to schools to talk about bullying to try to have a positive impact on people, to lift self esteem. And then, my band and I are actually working on a set for next year, regrouping.  

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