Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Doug Briney Releases New Album: Super Country Cowboy

It's been nearly a year ago since Country Music Notes was introduced to Doug Briney, the Alaskan country-singing cowboy.  In that time, Doug has continued his love of country music and his pursuit of making music, even going so far as to make the life changing decision to move to Nashville.

His ability to blend the sounds of traditional country music with today's popular country is showcased on his new album entitled Super Country Cowboy.  And in listening to the lyrics, there is no denying that Doug Briney is a cowboy at heart as he sings about love of God, family, and his country.

Take a look at what Doug has to say about his new album, the title track, and even about the giant bugs in Tennessee.

1. Please tell us more about your new album.

I'm very excited about Super Country Cowboy!  It has been a real pleasure working on this album with my management and Tate Music Group.  The album has nine tracks, and each track is distinctive and every song tells a story.

2.  Please talk about the album's title track, "Super Country Cowboy," which, in my opinion seems to suit your vocals. 

Absolutely I relate to it.  My daddy did like the older country artists and my mom loved the new pop music growing up.  Although I always list the older country artists as my earlier influences, I have to say that I listened to a lot of Eagles and Beatles as well as the Beach Boys growing up, too.

3. Did you write or co-write any of the songs that are on the new album?

I did not, although each song was carefully selected and each has special significance to me.

4. How is Nashville different from Alaska, aside from the obvious?

I was talking to someone the other day about this very subject.  For us the heat, humidity, and culture is different.  Those things we expected.  The one thing we really didn't expect or think about is the bugs.  Alaska has mosquitos like nowhere I've ever been, but aside from them and a few spiders, that was about it. Here. . .there are bugs of every size and shape imaginable.  The spiders here are just as varied and crazy big!

5. Is there anything else that you would like fans to know?

I am so appreciative of my fans supporting my music.

6. What can fans expect from you in the future?

I think right now the biggest thing they can expect is to see me out on the road a lot more.  Hopefully in a city nearby or even in their city.

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